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10 Coas que no sabia de La Copa Mundial Brasil 2014

10 Coas que no sabia de La Copa Mundial Brasil 2014
10 Things You Didn't Know About The 2014 World Cup

The World Cup is an international sensation that turns the world into soccer fanatics every 4 years. Although fans might think they know everything about the 2014 World Cup, there's much more going on behind the scenes that you never knew about.

1: Goal-Line Technology

Due to past controversies involving questionable goals, the 2014 stadiums are equipped with new goal-line technology. Each goal post has 7 cameras that monitor and analyze the goals. The referees wear special watches that vibrate when a goal is scored. Even the words “Goal” appear on the watch.

2: iRobot

No we’re not talking about the Will Smith movie. Drones and robots serve as security officers to protect the fans, both citizens and tourists. These robots use special technology to locate and examine suspicious objects. They also use facial recognition.

3: Outrageous Demands

If you thought movie stars were picky, think again. Many of the teams make strange demands for their accommodations. The Japanese soccer team demanded a Jacuzzi in every single World Cup hotel room so the players could relax before and after games.

4: Brazuca

The soccer ball is the most important part of the World Cup, the games wouldn’t happen without it. The honor of designing this year’s went to Adidas. There is a 360 camera inside the “Brazuca” ball, which captures awesome views of the action. The ball also maintains its roundness and weight, even in the thick humidity.

5: Crazy Expenses

Brazil is not holding back when it comes to the extravagance of this year’s World Cup. It is the most expensive yet with over $14 billion used! That’s more than the last two World Cup events combined! There is a lot of controversy surrounding the extravagant spending and the state of the Brazilian economy. Many citizens are not happy.

6: Vanishing Spray

The 2014 World Cup is straight out of a sci-fi movie. First, new goal technology, then robo-cops, now vanishing spray! The refs utilize special spray paint to designate the line for free kicks. The water-based foam disappears after thirty seconds, like magic! This is to keep the kickers from creeping up on the free kick.

7:Ticket Price

If you are trying to get in on the live action, you might want to reconsider. Tickets for the World Cup finals start at $450 and go all the way up into the thousands! Then add on air fare and a hotel room, you’re looking at a very expensive vacation.

8: FIFA Mascot

Each World Cup event since the 1960’s has its own mascot. This year, Brazil chose the very scary and intimidating armadillo, named Fuleco. This specific armadillo is found only in Brazil and is classified as a vulnerable species. His name is a mash-up of the words “Futebol” or football and “Ecologia” or ecology. He was chosen to bring attention to the vast biodiversity in Brazil.

9: Newbies

The Bosnia and Herzegovina team made their first FIFA World Cup appearance in 2014. Players from this country have taken part in the World Cup previously as part of the Yugoslavia team, but never as part of their own national team.

10: Prize Money

Along with receiving worldwide recognition and pride, the winning team will also receive a hefty monetary reward. The final team will win $35 million and the runner-up team will win $25 million! The total prize money for the 2014 event will be $454 million!


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